Frequently Asked Questions

About Vila Carnaúba

Vila Carnaúba is located in the state of Ceará, 20km south of the village of Jericoacoara (between Vila do Preá and Vila da Barrinha - County of Cruz and Acaraú, respectively). Jericoacoara Airport (JJD) is only 15 minutes away from Vila Carnaúba, and may start operating international flights as early as 2023.

Lots vary from 500m2 and 6.000m2, with an average size of 1.200m2.

Vila Carnaúba will have an internal access straight to the beach, through a suspended deck that will allow access by foot or by small electric vehicles.

Although Vila Carnaúba is located in front of the beach, there is a stretch with high vegetation between the ocean and the condominium, with protected dunes and mangroves. Therefore, the majority of the lots will not be able to see the ocean. Which also has a positive side, since these conditions help protect the houses and amenities from the wind, making the lagoon and pool experiences much more pleasant for guests.

The perimeter will be surrounded by fences and vegetation, but no walls.

The sun crosses Vila Carnaúba from the right to the left, when looking straight at the ocean. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west, and the wind is predominantly sideonshore.

Vila Carnaúba is an on-grid condominium, but it will also be powered by solar energy - a more sustainable and economical source of energy - that will be used mainly to power the common areas of the property.

Pets will be allowed at Vila Carnaúba as long as they are not kept or raised for commercial reasons, and as long as they don’t become an issue to other guests and residents.

Yes, high speed internet will be available around the whole condominium.

The lots and essential amenities are planned for September 2021, while non-essential amenities are predicted for the 1st semester of 2024.

Flow has plans to have a school up and running in a few years. In the meantime, the plan is to have temporary programs for kids.

There is a clinic in Preá, a 24-hour emergency unit in Jericoacoara (40 minutes away), a hospital in Cruz (45 minutes away) and a hospital in Acaraú (1 hour away). In addition to that, there are SAS Brasil mobile containers around the region that provide medical care over the phone. Flow is developing, in partnership with SAS Brasil, a medical care solution specifically for the Preá region aiming to provide emergency and routine care locally.


At Villa Carnaúba, guests and residents will have access to a Spa, Gym, co-working space, sports club with soccer, tennis and beach tennis courts, kids club, restaurantes, and a Kite Club, including 24-hour security.

They will be artificial fresh water lagoons. The water color may vary according to the depth of each lagoon, which will be 1,5 meters on average. The water will be transparent and translucent in some locations, but not in others.

Villa Carnaúba will offer services such as home maintenance, cleaning, and food delivery services, that will be charged on demand. You will be able to get fresh meals and organic products conveniently delivered at your door. In addition to these, the Spa will also offer on demand services such as massages and other wellness treatments, at the comfort of your home.

The school will be operated by Alexandre Mosquito, owner of Rancho do Kite - the biggest and most renowned kite school in Brazil. He and his wife Vanessa are both graduated instructors from the International Kiteboarding Organization (IKO).

There is an advanced negotiation happening with an internationally renowned group, and we hope to announce the partnership soon.


OPY Soluções Urbanas, our partner in the project, created 17 exclusive projects ranging from 170 to 1.500m2 of covered area, and 2 to 5 suites. The designs have nature as the main inspiration, and value the open and collective spaces of the houses, through sustainable construction solutions. For lot owners who prefer having their own architectural projects, Vila Carnaúba provides a guideline that will have to be fully respected to guarantee project approval. The construction will be allowed from September 2023 on, when lots are planned to be delivered.

There are a few pre-determined changes that can be made to projects, such as tiles, bathroom walls, kitchen countertops, and roof lining. If you desire to make other changes to any of OPY’s projects, you will need to hire them directly, keeping in mind that the construction deadline and cost will most certainly suffer changes.

Houses will not be furnished. However, Vila Carnaúba plans to offer different furniture and home appliance packages to homeowners (yet to be determined).

Vila Carnaúba’s landscaping was thoughtfully planned with residents’ privacy in mind, and the occupation limit of each property will also promote some distance between homes. On the other hand, it's important to keep in mind that there will not be walls in between houses, and a few stretches of the lagoons will be narrower than others, in a way that privacy will vary.

The sun crosses Vila Carnaúba from the right to the left, when looking straight at the ocean. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west, and the wind is predominantly sideonshore. The wind conditions of each lot can be provided on demand, but keep in mind that the landscaping planning for the condominium took these factors into account to make sure that every house will have pleasant conditions, no matter the positioning of the lot.

Home owners will be able to rent out their houses through Vila Carnaúba’ rental pool, or through the hotel’s rental pool. Rental through 3rd party platforms such as Airbnb or booking will not be allowed. We will have more information about that process in the near future.

General Information

The carnaúba is a type of palm tree, native from the Northeast region of Brazil, where it is called the “tree of life”. After 50 years, the tree can reach up to 45 feet in height. Carnaúbas have a dense crown, and big round green leaves. The use of the name and the brand for the property expresses a sense of community, connection, utility and singularity.

Flow: a group of entrepreneurial specialists who set forth to co-create an amazing destination – balanced, integrated with its paradisiacal natural surroundings and cultural heritage – by means of contemporary real-estate solutions, urban planning, and the enhancement of positive social and environmental impact.

Vila Carnaúba is a real estate project that unites all the elements for a well lived life in an untouched paradise, which we plan to transform into the 1st planned touristic destiny in the country. Besides its breathtaking natural surroundings, Vila is located at the last untouched spot of Preá, which can be easily accessed through a 15-minute car ride from the airport, in a place where there are limited hotel offerings. In addition to that, the unique wind conditions make the region known as the nirvana of the wind sports.

Yes, Flow has other projects under development in the region. Each project has unique characteristics and is planned for different targets, but always maintaining the same Flow essence.

The weather is hot and humid, with temperatures varying from 25°C a 32°C, and winds varying from 20-35 knots during 8 months of the year, which combines the perfect conditions for wind sports.

Visitors / Foreigners

Brazil has a visa policy based on the principle of reciprocity, which means that citizens from countries that demand entry visas for Brazilian citizens, will also be asked for a visa to enter brazil. Click here to see if you are required to have a Brazilian entry Visa.

It depends. While Brazil does not demand proof of vaccination for entry, it is recommended that international visitors, when traveling to Brazilian locations where yellow fever vaccination is recommended, should get their shots 10 days before entering the country. Visitors that are traveling to locations where no vaccination is recommended should not have to do so.

Yes, international citizens are allowed to own houses in Brazil. There is no limit regarding the investment, either in value or the amount of properties. Although there are restrictions when it comes to buying properties in rural areas or in regions close to other country's borders.