The Region

The Region

Vila Carnaúba is located in the state of Ceará, 20km south of the village of Jericoacoara. The region’s landscape is formed by sand dunes, natural lagoons, and mangroves, typical biomes of the coast northeast coast of Brazil. Nature plays the lead role, and we intend it to remain so.

About the region

The Brazilian Northeast region is famed for the friendliness of its people, and the richness of its culture. It has created its own musical styles (Forró, Baião), developed local stories into an original literary genre (Cordel), conceived its own mix of dance and martial arts (Capoeira), worshipped in the colorful traditions of Afro-Brazilian religions (Umbanda, Candomblé), and elevated the African flavors it inherited to create its own cuisine based on seafood and local aromatics. The people of Northeast Brazil is also well-known for its laid-back, easygoing attitude towards life, which focuses on basic values such as friends, family, and leisure.

Wind Sports

With an extensive coastline that allows for hundreds of kilometers of downwind, warm waters year-round (26-28oC), and strong constant wind for 7 months a year, fans of all categories – kite, wing, windsurf, sailing, and others – can flow freely, with all technical support needed.

Getting here

Jericoacoara Airport (JJD) is only 15 minutes away from Vila Carnaúba, and may start operating international flights as early as 2023.

There is also the option of arriving via Fortaleza, taking a 30 minute flight to Jericoacoara, or by land (approximately 4 hours of travel).

Departing from
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